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PHOTOS: Monica & Dc Young Fly at Queen of the Ring One Hand Mixtape Release Party


It goes down at Club Crucial in a huge way on Monday nights; the popular club that sits on Bankhead had all the stars in the building including Monica, School Boy Q, Dc Young Fly, and Shekinah Jo to just name a few.


Check out the details after the break.


Crucial Monday was everything and the perfect way to kick off August 2016. I had the opportunity to not only get a plate of good food, enjoy kicking it with the homies, and get in the RING. The night was complete when R&B legend Monica dropped by to enjoy the ring with the lovely stylist to the stars and reality star my girl Shekinah Jo. The homies Schoolboy Q and DC Young Fly was also in the building.

We party even on Monday nights. Turn down for what? Shout out to the good people over at Club Crucial and my fam Baby Jade for a dope evening out!

Check out the photos below.

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