PHOTOS: NeNe Leakes’ Grand Opening of New #SWAGG Boutique in the ATL!



The very rich and successful and very stylish NeNe Leakes has a lot to smile about this Christmas as she hosts the soft launch of her new SWAGG boutique a shopping experience for the sophisticated, classy, and fabulous women of the ATL.


NeNe Leakes was surrounded by her close friends including Bow Wow, Tameka Foster, Laura Govan, Derek J and her doting family as she shared a sneak peek of her new boutique which is an epic shopping experience for all the ladies.


Check out the details after the break.


GOT SWAGG? Well if you need to spruce up your swagg or need to find your swagg my girl NeNe Leakes got you covered at her new epic SWAGG Boutique in the heart of Atlanta’s exclusive Buckhead community. The lovely NeNe Leakes invited her close friends and family to the soft launch of her new boutique with the sophisticated, classy, smart, chic, and SWAGGED out lady in mind. SWAGG Boutique is a shopping oasis that’s full of grandeur and extraordinary SWAGG.


Guests were invited to take a peak of the exclusive pieces that NeNe Leakes has pulled together to make up her boutique. NeNe told me that all of the pieces in her SWAGG boutique are fresh, creative, and fun with the sophisticated lady in mine. NeNe Leakes the clever business woman has opened her boutique up to five stylish vendors to help cover the gamut of fashion from day to night to business casual to SWAGGED out holiday attire. SWAGG has everything a lady could want or need in stylish attire.


Congrats NeNe the boutique is beautiful! NeNe is preparing to do a dope grand opening so ladies and gents get ready to get your shop on! NeNe got it all and she can’t wait to share her SWAGG with you!

Check out the fun we had in the images below.

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