PHOTOS: New Artist De’Apollo’ Spotted At Mansion Elan with ASAP ROCKY & 21 Savage



I had the opportunity to capture images of new recording artist De’Apollo released his new EP noAPOLLOgies at Mansion Elan to kick off the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend. Mansion Elan was abuzz for the release of NO Apollogies with some of the hottest artists out today including the homies ASAP ROCKY and 21 Savage!


The evening was LIT! Check out the details after the break.

The homie De’Apollo is a dope new artist on the scene; he’s a mixture of Drake and Bryson Tiller a cool dude that knows how to relate to the dudes and swoon the ladies.

De’Apollo is currently a student at Clark Atlanta University who’s goal is to create dope music and make a positive impact on the world. When asked about who influences his style in music, De’Apollo acknowledges Bow Wow, Drake, Soulja Boy (circa 2007), and Justin Biebers as people who has inspired his musical style.



The celebrities were defiantly in the building for the release of his new EP “noAPOLLOgies. Rappers ASAP ROCKY, and 21 Savage were in the building, along with his record label 1209 Ent. and publicist Erica Dias of The B Firm PR. The crowd went wild to his “noAPOLLOgies” and I can’t wait for you all to check the homie out!


It’s been a couple of years since a bonafide star has emerged that has a grasp on R&B and HIP HOP. De’Apollo is poised to infuse pop culture with fresh, dope, and youthful energy. I invite you to check out the homie De’Apollo on Instagram @apollosphere and Twitter at @apollohasspoken and you are free to check out his soundcloud to hear his dope new single “Be My Love” produced by London On Da Track below.:

De’Apollo’s artistry is truly dope and I invite you to check him out on social media and all the fun we had in the images below:

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