Photos Of Trey Songz On The Set Of His New Video “One Love”



The homies over at posted these pictures of Trey Songz for his new video “One Love”. Here are some of  the pic’s… I have to say that Trey’s new album is one of the only albums that has come out in the pass 2 years that I can listen to with out skipping over most of the songs.


  1. OOOWW! You ain’t lyin! I’ve been listenin’ to that CD for DAYS now! (I got it 2 days ago; I know, I know; I’m late) I Can’t WAIT for the OneLove Video. That’s 1 of My fav tracks.

  2. Kim our late again boo the video is already out he premiered like 2 weeks ago go on to his website or just you tube it it’s hot too


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