PHOTOS: Phaedra Parks Hosts Pop Up Shop to Benefit Charity and Invites the #RHOA Cast to Join In the Fun!



Phaedra Parks is using her platform to do good around the City of Atlanta and the entire country; the lovely southern belle invited her Real Housewives of Atlanta cohorts to join in the fun with her “Pop Up a Purpose” popup shop over the weekend.

The entire cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta joined forces to create a spectacular shopping experience for their fans while raising money for the Phaedra Foundation. Everybody was on site selling their goods while connecting with their loving fans.

Check out the details after the break.


Phaedra Parks along side her home girls the lovely ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta took over B-Loft in the ATL and transformed it into a shopping experience to benefit the Phaedra Foundation a non-profit focused on helping to develop responsible young people, create resilient families, and build vibrant communities. T

The Phaedra Foundation is all about giving back a sentiment that is near and dear to the power house attorney who believes in working hard and channeling her various talents. Phaedra wanted to bring about awareness about her foundation and have a little fun in the process so she enlisted the Housewives to POP UP FOR A PURPOSE.

The pop up shop was EPIC. We had the pleasure of experiencing the following:


The lovely Phaedra Parks was in the building showcasing her “Fix It Jesus” tees and her “Secrets of a Southern Belle” to her excited fans.


The lovely Kenya Moore was in the building with her beautiful hair cascading down her back while she promoted her Kenya Moore Haircare a line to help ladies and gents have healthy hair and look good in the process.


The lovely Kandi Burruss was in the house promoting her Bedroom Kandi a brand that promotes healthy sexuality and fun for everybody whether you are single or in a relationship!


The lovely Cynthia Bailey was in the building showcasing her Cargo By Cynthia a dope luxury leather bag line and her Cynthia Bailey Eyewear a dope line of glasses for both men and women.

The lovely Lena Huggs was in the building supporting the POP UP SHOP for a purpose with fashions for her LINT Boutique fashions for a fashionable ladies.


The lovely Sheree Whitfield was in the house showcasing her She By Sheree and Shape By Sheree a perfect synergy that gears dope tees and exercise. Ladies and gents you got to work out so you can look good in those She By Shrees!


Shree had a dope tee featuring Marlo Hampton and herself. The two have squashed their beef and wants the world to know that they are good friends. Marlo was in the house rocking the tee while supporting the POPUP FOR A PURPOSE!


The lovely Porsha Williams was also in the house showcasing her NAKED lingerie and her models were there adorned in her beautiful headbands she rocks on the show.


Last but not least Baby Boy Ayden was in the house selling cookies and smoothies for the fans to enjoy while they get their shop on with his granny via his Ayden’s A+ Snacks.

Proceeds from the sales went directly to the Phaedra Foundation!

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