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PHOTOS: Phaedra Parks Spotted at New Orleans Garb Boutique!


My girl Phaedra Parks is doing her thing during NBA All-Star Weekend 2014. The lovely housewife/mother/wife/author/all around Hustler hosted an amazing meet and greet/book signing for her fans at the oh so posh Garb Boutique in New Orleans.


Phaedra don’t let anything get in the way of her grind.

Check out the details below.


The ultimate southern belle was on hand at Garb Boutique to offer advice, share love, and autograph copies of her successful guide for all the girls (and some guys) “Secrets of a Southern Belle”. The lovely author was overwhelmed by the response and the sheer volume of fans waiting patiently in line to chat with her and purchase her girlie guide.


I got a chance to catch up with Phaedra and she wants you all to know she is doing JUST FINE! She is taking care of her business and her family with the charm and pizzazz that we have grown to love and expect from her.


In addition to Phaedra’s book signing by girl Brittany of Pop of Junk and the homie I am Perez were also present to greet their fans and show a little love.

Check out the amazing photos below.

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