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PHOTOS: Porsha Williams and Angie Stone Spotted at Bronner Brothers Fashion Show!


Bronner Brothers Fashion Show was off the chain last night and two of our favorite Atlanta Reality Stars Porsha Williams and Angie Stone was in the house to celebrate. Check out the details below.


Angie Stone came out and talked to the audience about her love for beauty and hair care. She shared that Derek J was her stylist and that he always kept her hair looking and feeling good. The R&B Diva share her love for God and that her mission in life is to not only provide wonderful music but to be an inspiration to her audience. She sung a little bit and the crowd went absolutely wild! She was styled in a beautiful Tyrell Holmes original gown.


Porsha Williams stole the show as she rocked not one but two glamourous gowns at the Bronner Brothers Fashion Show. She was awarded Bronner Brother’s Style Maven of the Year for 2014. She graciously accepted the award as she stunned the audience with her grace, charm, and beauty.


The Bronner Brothers Fashion Show was an epic display of fashion, beauty, music and hair care. The evening started off with the Bronner Babies furnished by The Bailey Agency. We enjoyed the show hosted by the charismatic Glynn Jackson. There were many fashionable designers that had the audience gasping for air at their beautiful gowns, trendy pieces, and amazing hair styles.


We also had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Nina Bronner and her lovely daughters Kirstie Bronner and Kristie Bronner at the close of the show. Be sure to check out their new book ‘Double Vals‘ a guide to help parents and students win in school and in life.

Special shoutout to the designers that rocked the Bronner Brothers Stage last night that included Robin Matthews, PZI Jeans, Ian Williams, Tyrell Mason, Swim Wear Lady Couture, Travis Douglas, Melinda Couture, Tyrell Holes, and Miguel Wilson.

Check out the fun we had at the Bronner Brothers Fashion Show below:
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