[Photos] “Products Of The American Ghetto” Premiere Event At The Plaza In Atlanta, GA

A cutting edge drama written, directed and produced by Henderson Maddox, “Products of the American Ghetto” hosts their premiere party at “The Plaza” an Atlanta landmark and the city’s longest continuously operating movie theater.

Tierre Ford

Author the book “The Products of The American Ghetto” which inspired the movie. Co wrote the movie and is also executive producer.

Henderson Maddox
Raised by the unique sounds and visuals of Atlanta,
Henderson Mr. 23 Maddox took his first breath in Atlanta’s
famous Grady Memorial Hospital. He and his family moved
to the suburbs for a better education, where he fell in love
with film and video production. After high school, Mr. 23
decided to further his education at Full Sail. At Full Sail, he
experienced an intense film degree program, which
promoted his love for film production and developed his
directorial. During school, Mr. 23 developed his dream called
the Atlanta Dream Team Productions. After graduation, he
moved back to his hometown of Atlanta and got his first gig
directing a music video within a week. Mr. 23 has a list of
accomplishments that includes his directing debut on national
television for Sony BMGs Camp 22, Crank Dat Yank as well as
a music video for Warner Bros. recording artist, Lil Scrappy, TI,
BOB, Juelez Santana, and Lil Wayne. He completed the short
film Sounds of Poetry starring Robin Givens in the Fall of
2009. Maddox was honored as Best Director at the 2010 San
Diego Black Film Festival. Maddox went on to direct
Unspoken Words starring Robin Givens, Greg Alan Williams,
& Tommy Ford. After 3 films he decided to launch an Internet
TV Network, Signal 23 TV. The goal is to build a platform to
deliver sitcoms, scripted series, talk shows, and more. Maddox
is currently in post production on a feature film, “The
Products of the American Ghetto”. After years of learning,
exploring, networking, and through extensive experience, Mr.
23 has developed an eye to direct film and video that only
the mind can imagine.

Film Sysposis
Brian is a 8 year old growing up in TechWood urban housing in
Atlanta during the 80’s. Its normal for Brian to awaken by the sound
of his mom selling her body to keep the lights on, but one night the
screams of his 15 year old sister, Tasha, wake him in the night. He vows
to take care of the women in his life and get them out the lifestyle.
The only window out is through drugs. Often as outsiders looking in
we see certain things that may be going on in the “ghetto” that we
frown upon. Sometimes we are even judgmental, thinking that we are
better.The one thing that is misunderstood about Urban
environments “ghettos” is that the residents live inside a box.The lack
exposure to the world around them, and for most they feel trapped
in their environment. When this happens you become a product of
your environment.This product can be something good or bad, but
we can conclude that you are who you are from your environmental
experiences. This story depicts the life of a young boy, Brian, who
wants out but the only images of success that he see’s are the drug
dealers around him.Yes he knows about doctors and lawyers,
however where he is from he is taught that those are not options
that are easily attainable. He’s told by teachers that he can’t go to
college, He’s told my adults that,“where you are is where you will be
and its your place.” Brian, the main character results to joining the
drug game to stop his mom from selling her body to take care of him
and his siblings.Through this story we see exactly how the kids in
these environments get lured into the drug game and how they see it
as their only way out.

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Film Cast:

Darrin Dewitt Henson
Robin Givens
Rodney Perry
Shamea Morton
Tobias Truvillion
Keith Robinson
Tasia Grant
Coletrane Williams
Messiah Harris
Loren Lott
Yung Joc
Nadej Bailey
Mamma Dee
Cranston Johnson

Movie Trailer

Theme Songs For the Film

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