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PHOTOS: PURE Atlanta Partners With COOGI+ One Grand Gallery For Ready 2 Die Tribute


COOGI brand partnered with PURE Atlanta and One Grand Gallery for Ready 2 Die, a tribute to the legacy of the Notorious BIG and the relaunch of COOGI on Thursday, Oct 22nd.  Lizzie PURE owner of PURE Atlanta said the collaboration was perfect for the store because of its longtime affiliation with hip hop. “I’m a hip hop enthusiasts and PURE has always supported the hip hop community. Doing this event with COOGI allowed us to be a part of the brands re-launch and I loved the idea of connecting with the art community,” Lizzie PURE says. More pics inside!


Ready 2 Die welcomed an eclectic mix of Atlanta’s art, fashion and hip hop community. Guests included Lil Scrappy, C Bone, Love & Hip Hop’s Primadonna, celebrity stylist & art enthusiast  Renaldo Nehemiah, super producer Brian Michael Cox and many more. Guests enjoyed COOGI inspired strawberries and PURE cupcakes from Black Diamond Edibles and were serenaded by a live brand playing various interpretations of trap music.

For more information on PURE Atlanta follow @pureatlanta and @lizziepure.

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