PHOTOS: Raheem DeVaughn Hosts Spa Day for Victims of Domestic Violence in Atlanta



R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn is making a difference in the lives of some deserving ladies through his LoveLife Foundation a labor of love that help women all over the country overcome domestic violence while building their self-esteem. Love Life Foundation’s  Queen for a Day event was held at Ken Bailey Salon in Downtown Atlanta. The private event was all about making some deserving ladies look and feel good.  The event was the third installment of a country-wide tour where Love Life Foundation powered by Raheem DeVaughn will shower TLC to some ladies who needs it the most.


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Grammy Nominated R&B Singer Raheem DeVaughn is a very busy man as he hit the road for the “Love N’ Soul Experience” tour that’s coming to a city near you; he’s also making time for charity. In addition to getting his singing on he’s using the tour as a catalyst to bring about healing and love to some ladies dealing with domestic violence.

Before hitting the stage at Atlanta’s Symphony Hall Raheem DeVaughn took over the Ken Bailey Hair Studio to host  LoveLife Foundation’s, “Queen for a Day”. The concept for Queen for a Day is a play on DeVaughn’s hit single, “Queen,” from his fifth studio album Love, Sex and Passion, this event is all about catering to the women of Atlanta who have found themselves domestic violence survivors.


The Day of Pampering was powered by Ken Bailey Salon where guests got the works that included a Mini-Makeover with Hair Styling, Make-up, Manicure/Pedicure and Brow/Lash Services.

Guests not only got a chance to look good but they got to get their grub on with Brunch courtey of Chef LaTonia of 5T’s Catering & Event Planning and Exec. Chef of Time Restaurant. You know I love a good meal ant that’s what the ladies had. There was chicken and waffles. There was shrimp and grits. There was so much food that the guests were able to eat good and be merry.


The Media Partner of the Afternoon was the good people over at Radio One/Majic 107.5 who kept the party jumping and handed out goodie bags.

Raheem DeVaughn’s Love Life Foundation connects with local domestic violence orignaizations to help focus their charitable efforts. The organizations that was serviced was Men Stopping Violence and the Women’s Resource Center of Atlanta.


Out of his genuine concern for the community, Raheem founded the LoveLife Foundation in April 2014. With an emphasis on education, youth, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, mental illness, autism, cancer, music, and the arts, this 501(c)(3) non-profit enables him to embrace the causes closest to his heart. This event, dedicated to recognizing and empowering survivors of trauma and domestic violence, marks the first of many tours for the LoveLife Foundation’s national campaign.


With the foundation’s goal of assisting women in reclaiming their self-esteem, this event will honor those survivors by providing them with services that they would not ordinarily be able to afford during an otherwise difficult transition period.

It was truly inspiring afternoon thanks to the LoveLife Foundation.

You can learn more by visiting and follow them on Instagram:  @LoveLifeDMV.

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