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PHOTOS: R&B Diva @KeKe_Wyatt Performs for Hollywood Glam Party & Concert at 595 North Event Center!


My girl KeKe Wyatt did her thing over the weekend for the Ultimate Girls Festival Hollywood Glam Party & Concert at 595 North Event Center. KeKe knows she got some vocal chords on her. The homie turned 595 North out. Her bubbly personality and infectious voice had the audience going crazy and singing right along with her.


I could go on and on about my girl performing her new music and having the girls singing along with her cult classics but I think the photos and videos will tell an even more compelling story.

Check out the details below.

The finale event for the amazing Ultimate Girls Festival was an over the top Hollywood Glam Party featuring my girl KeKe Wyatt. KeKe Wyatt performed several of her hit songs while engaging her audience with funny jokes and posing for photos. Yall know I love me some KEKE!

Check my girl out as she did her thing below.

keke-wyatt-freddyo14 keke-wyatt-freddyo12 keke-wyatt-freddyo11 keke-wyatt-freddyo10 keke-wyatt-freddyo8 keke-wyatt-freddyo7 keke-wyatt-freddyo6 keke-wyatt-freddyo5 keke-wyatt-freddyo4 keke-wyatt-freddyo3

I could not help but get video of my girl performing some of our favorite songs. She is truly a wonderful talent.

After the performance I got a chance to catch up with KeKe in the VIP area as the party went on all night long. Kudos to the #UGF2014 for a fun glam party and great concert!

Photos by Briana Crudup for FreddyO.


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