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PHOTOS: R&B Divas Atlanta’s Meelah Hosts Celebrity Studded REVEL’s Launch and Viewing Party!


I had the time of my life celebrating the launch of the beauty brand, REVEL by Julian Lark and the premiere of R&B Divas Atlanta with the lovely new diva Meelah Williams, formerly of hit R & B group, 702. There was so much fun and excitement at the launch party that turned into a celebrity who’s who viewing party. I got a chance to catch up with the homie Tiny and the crew of The Real Hairstylists of Atlanta and several of the celebrity friends who came out to show their love and support.


Buckhead Bottle Bar was on and popping as everybody came out to support REVEL and the newest R&B Diva. Shout out to the big homie Julian Lark on the launch of his amazing line that is sure to have the ladies looking good and feeling even better.

Check out the fun details below.


R&B Divas Atlanta started off with an explosive bang and I had the opportunity to enjoy the premiere episode at the REVEL Launch Viewing Party hosted by the lovely R&B Diva Meelah alongside the big homie Julian Lark of Control Magazine. The launch party was a celebration of the new season of R&B Divas Atlanta and to celebrate Meelah being the new face of REVEL! The homies came out to show their love and support.









The new collection, appropriately called “Heartbreaker”, features long-lasting lipsticks in 15 extraordinary shades of desire. The names of the shades are almost as intriguing and sensual as the pop of color they provide… names such as “Phone Sex”, “Beg For It”, “Friend Lover”, and “Tell Your Girl” just to name a few.


The Heartbreaker Collection lip stick makes lips appear fuller and the smooth texture has extreme staying power that will not fade throughout the day or evening. The summer ready collection also features 7 new lovely eye-shadows to choose from. Heartbreaker’s incredible shades of ultra-radiant, high-pigment eye shadows are bursting with color to provide the perfect balance of beauty and confidence.


Ladies get your REVEL on! Congrats to Juilian and Meelah!

Check out the fun we had below.

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