PHOTOS : R&B Singer Amerie & VH1’s Milan Christopher Came Out to Support Tempted 2 Touch with Mexican Joe



I had the opportunity to connect with the beautiful R&B singer Amerie and VH1’s Milan Christopher at Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas’ huge Black Pride event powered by Mexican Joe.

The kick off event was truly epic and I have details about what’s going on with Amerie and Milan Christopher after the break.


R&B starlet Amerie and VH1’s reality star Milan Christopher helped to kick off the 2016 Tempted 2 Touch fun filled weekend powered by Mexican Joe. Tempted 2 Touch is the biggest and most epic Pride event in Las Vegas. Fans from all over the country came out to get their party on and experience some of the dopest musicians and partying on the west side.


I had the opportunity to meet Amerie for the first time and she’s amazing. She told me that she wanted to show her love and support to Mexican Joe and the Tempted 2 Touch weekend of activities. Amerie had everyone feeling nostalgic as she took us back down memory lane her memorable hits and fun music. The star is currently living in LA and she told me that she’s adding writing to her resume of expertise. She shared with sheer excitement that she’s been working on a novel and that everyone should look out soon for her BIG announcement via social media!


VH1’s Christopher Milan was in the house and was all the way TURNT up ready to party with not only the men but the ladies too! Christopher Milan has a lot to celebrate the reality tv star is working on his very own dating show!


The night was dope as we enjoyed good music, food, and strippers. You know I love a lady that can SHAKE IT FAST!

If you are in Vegas this weekend be sure to check out the Tempted 2 Touch calendar of events that includes concerts and parties featuring Amerie, Monica, Joseline Hernandez, Erica Mena, Milan Christopher, K Michelle, Jazmine Sullivan, B.Slade, and more!

This is an event you don’t want to miss! If you not in VEGAS don’t worry you can come back here to check out the highlights. Shout out to the homie Mexican Joe and the entire Tempted 2 Touch team for a dope evening full of good music and fun.

Check out the fun we had below.
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