PHOTOS: “Return of the King” Live in Concert Featuring: TI, Rae Sremmurd, Tiffany Foxx, TK N Cash, Hosted by DC Young Fly at Forbes Arena!



This weekend Tons of Your favorite Hip Hop Artist flooded Forbes Arena on the campus of Morehouse College for the return of the King concert Live featuring TI, Rae Sremmurd and Tiffany Foxx Also joining them was Niche Mchelle, Mo Millionz, Que, TK N Cash just to name a few! The event was hosted by the PR Mentality Network agency and funded and sponsored by DBo’s Wings & More.

Check out the details below.

Atlanta was CRUNK over the weekend thanks to the “Return of the King” Concert at Morehouse College’s Forbes Arena. The night was electric as some of Atlanta’s biggest acts came together to get crunk and enjoy a night of dope music. I loved the energy of the crowd which filled the arena with a vibe of let’s party!


The crowd cheered and enjoyed funny man DC Young Fly of Archive Entertainment who kept us all laughing and amping the crowd up for more. “The Return of the King” stared the King of the South TI, Hip Hop Duo Rae Sremmurd, Hip Hop Starlet Tiffany Foxx, Augusta’s TK N Cash. The night was full of surprises including my girl Frankie who is always ready for a good time.


The “Return of the King” was an epic event hosted by PR Mentality Network Agency. The event was powered by DBo’s Wings & More.

Check out the fun we had below.

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