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Photos: Rick Ross Host Def Jam Private Listening Party at Tree Sound Studios

DSC_6351The big homie Rick Ross host an amazing private listening party at Tree Sound Studios sponsored by Def Jam Records. The big homie invited Atlanta’s hottest industry leaders and taste makers to Tree Sound Studios to hear “Mastermind” twelve days before the album hit the streets. Tree Sound Studios owner Marli Hunter rolled out the red carpet for the guests and the BIG BOSS Ricky Rozay.


Check out the details below.

Rick Ross hosted an amazing listening party at Tree Sound Studios. My girl Marli over at Tree Sound Studios rolled out the red carpet for the Big Boss as he celebrated his forthcoming album with Atlanta’s hottest and most connected.


My girl Marli is a BEAST in the music industry. Mali is the chick to know when it comes to getting music made, finding out who’s who in the music game, and just know what’s going on. Marli opened up her home to a select list of guests, which included Def Jam Artists/Executives, Rick Ross and his entourage.


Celebrity guests included the big homies RL, T-Pain and his wife Amber, Dj Drama, Bigg Tigger, Bobby Creekwater,  Producer Big Zack, and DJ Smalls to name a few.


Marli also invited all of the big media outlets including the homies over at Bossip, Straight from the A, Talking with Tami just to name a few. to come out and witness the hits live and in person.


Marli even spent most of her day preparing a delicious spread of food that included fried chicken, fried shrimp, macaroni and cheese, with drinks made with Hennessy and Red Bull to wash it all down.This event was amazing. Mali knows how to make a brother feel good!


Rick Ross made a grand entrance as he welcomed the attendees to his private listening party. He thanked everyone for supporting his music and took the audience back to 2003-2004 when he first recorded at Tree Sound Studios. I can remember when I first met Rick Ross he was sleeping on Dj Greg Street’s couch in the basement. I was an intern at V-103 trying to break into the industry. What I remember the most about Ricky Rozay was his FOCUS on his music and  his craft. To see how far he has come and all of his accomplishments it is truly amazing and inspiring!


Rick Ross is now living in Atlanta; he owns the largest home in the state of Georgia (Evander Holyfield’s old mansion). In twelve short days he will release his much-anticipated album “Mastermind”. I know you all will love it. The whole album is HOT! He allowed us to hear the album from beginning to end. It’s truly a MASTER PIECE! The big homie has teamed up with some of everybody to create “Mastermind”. Check out my quick recaps below:

DSC_6268 DSC_6269 DSC_6271

Mastermind is all about the music and for the music lovers. Rick Ross had a video playing during the party that explained the themes of each track.


“Drug Dealers Dreamers” Pays homage to all the homies who are living the life. The track showcase the glamorous and the ugly sides. Very reminiscent of the 1980’s War on Drugs.

“Nobody” produced by Sean Combs is a song that celebrates the life of the late great Notorious BIG. “You ain’t nobody until somebody tries to kill you.” Rick Ross shares the audio of the 911 call when his car was shot up.

“The Devil is a Lie.” the hot track that’s killing the airwaves featuring the homie Jay Z.

“Mafia Music III” Caribbean/Jamaican music celebrating the island cultures.

“War Ready” featuring ATL’s Jeezy and produced by Will Made It. A hot southern song with feeling and intentions. Sounds like ATLANTA.

“What a Shame” produced by Reefa pays homage to the Old Dirty Bastard.

“Supreme” includes a funny intro/outro by Katt Williams produced by Scott Scortch. This song discusses the boss life which includes balling, traveling, sexing, and fun with Keith Sweat singing the bridge. Very HOT!

“Blk & Whit” There’s a message about the struggle of young black men in the dope game. Black Boy selling that White. Rick Ross makes mention of Trayvon Martin and ends the song with GET AN EDUCATION!

“In Vein” a slow jam/very sexy/something that the ladies will appreciate.

“Sanctified” featuring Kanye/Big Sean produced by Kanye has a very church feel. There’s an old school organ maintaining the beat. The message is be careful what you pray for because you might just get it. They discuss candidly about their answered prayers.

“Walkin on Air” features Meek Mill it’s a tribute to all of the martyrs.

The final track “The G Cry” featuring Lil Wayne produced by The Junior League feels like an anthem for the hood, for the displaced, and the voiceless.



The album is great. The audience sat quietly listening to the tracks. Ross and his crew stood on the stage and rapped along with the tracks. Everybody left Tree Sound Studios feeling good about “Mastermind”.

DSC_6274Congrats to the whole Def Jam family you guys got a hit on your hands. Be sure to support the homie by picking up “Mastermind” available March 4, 2014.



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