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PHOTOS: Rick Ross Takes Over Atlanta’s Privé Night Club Hosted by Dishaun Entertainment


The homie Rick Ross took over Atlanta’s Privé for one of the most epic nights of this holiday season. Hosted by Kenny Burns the evening was all about popping bottles, living the high life, sexy people, and getting ready for Christmas.

Check out the details below.


Last night Dishaun Entertainment presented a celebration for “HOOD BILLIONAIRERick Ross‘ his latest project. All of the usual suspects were in the building for a night of pure epicness in the VIP section. The biggest boss that we’ve seen thus far with all of his homies took over Privé; as the Lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns hosted the festivities.



Privé is known for having hot events that attract all kinds of people but last night was special. Rick Ross accompanied by his homies and the love of his life Ming Lee celebrated their accomplishments over bottles, good music, hookah, and the dope atmosphere that only Privé can provide.


Privé last night was all about having a good time. The drinks flowed. The hookahs were lit as guests passed them around the club. Atlanta’s most fashionable were in the house including the newest cast member of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta Miss Claudia Jordan.


Keeping the party live and jumping DJ ACE and DJ Peanut were on the ones and twos. The night was full of energy and fun. Privé had over 2,000 guests celebrating with the homie Rick Ross.



Shout out to the homie Dishaun for inviting us out to party and enjoy the VIP experience. Dishaun is the owner of Privé and Dishaun Entertainment; a life style brand and influencer hailing from New Jersey but taking over the ATL one experience at a time.


Check out the fun we had below.

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