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PHOTOS: Roc Nation Songwriter Chase J Host Atlanta Video Premiere and Live Performanc​e with Special Guest Nivea


The homie Chase J did his thing last night at his private video premiere party of “Casualty of Me” that lead to a LIVE performance that included a huge band of musicians and back up singers. The Roc Nation Songwriter wants the world to know that he is not only talented with words but talented with the mic and can rock the stage.


The homie Nivea came out to show her support of Chase J’s new career as an artist.

Check out the details below.


On Thursday night hundreds of attendees came out to witness the sultry, movie-like new video “Casualty of Me” at Roc Nation songwriter Chase J’s premiere party. Chase J partnered with Rolling Out and the party was sponsored by Exclusivodka. The guests strolled around the newly renovated Icon Lounge in Buckhead while enjoying good food, GREAT DRINKS, and live music by Chase J.


Chase J performed two songs off of his forthcoming EP entitled “Influence” with a six-piece band along with two amazingly, soulful backup singers. As the band was dressed in all white, the man of the hour was dressed in designer from head to toe. This night is sure to solidify him as one of 2014’s artist to watch!

Casualty of Me:

The video is all about the two sides of Chase J the good and the mask that he and we all hide behind in life. I had the opportunity to chat with Slash the director about the vision behind the video and she said that Chase J wanted to show his pure side and the NUNS symbolize how we have people around us that seem like good people but they are hiding behind masks. Are the people in your life really for you or against you? Casualty of Me motivates thoughts about who is truly in your corner. The NUNS are eery and reinforce the concept of being careful of things that look nice and safe.


Kudos to Chase J on the premiere of his new video and forthcoming EP “Influence”.

Check out the photos below.

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