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PHOTOS: Shad Moss Spotted Spending Quality Time with Erica Mena


Last night was epic in the ATL and that epicness included Shad Moss, his love Erica Mena, and Club Oynx Night Club. Valentine’s Day is over but LOVE is definitely in the air.

Check out the details below.


The homie Shad Moss and the love of his life wifey Erica Mena spent last night making it rain on the lovely ladies at Onyx and sharing their love of erotica together. Club Onyx was on and popping thanks to my boy Bart 2.5.

Bart 2.5 is doing epic stuff on Tuesday nights at Club Onyx as he presents the hottest night in adult entertainment that includes the biggest celebrities and ballers.

Shad Moss is back in the ATL and made a special stop by Streetz 94.5 to have a sit down with DJ Holiday. As you know Shad Moss and Erica Mena have been doing their thing in NYC but have decided to take a break and show the ATL some love. Shad told DJ Holiday that he will be kicking it big time in ATL while he’s on break from his hit show CSI. For the next five months he will be kicking it in the ATL with his lady love and working on his new businesses that includes a clothing line and a vodka be sure to check out his instagram for the details.


Shad shares that he is accustomed to fame but CSI is on a whole new level. He shares that the show’s fan base is bananas.


Erica Mena also got the opportunity to set the record straight about her relationship with former girlfriend Cyn. According to the reality star the two are no longer on speaking terms.

Off air DJ Holiday asked the couple if they were really in love and Shad Moss quickly answered with a passionate,

” I am truly happy with Erica Mena!”

Take it from me the homie is really happy. I have known Shad Moss for over 10 years when JD first introduced us back in my V-103 days. I have seen him both high and low. He’s really happy. As far as Erica Mena goes, she’s a dope young lady. I have heard all kinds of things about her but she’s truly a pleasant and nice girl who’s making my boy
happy. That’s all that matters; being HAPPY!

After leaving the radio station the couple linked up with Jermaine Dupri and hung out at Onyx with Bart 2.5. Of course I got there late so I caught them leaving.

Check out the couple below and let me know what you think!

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