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PHOTOS: @SheenMagazine Hosts #SheenBeautySuite for #EssenceFestival!


I had the time of my life hanging out at Sheen’s Beauty Suite at the Marriott mere steps away from the Essence Festival Convention Center. We had the opportunity to catch up with MTV’s making of the bands graduates singer Sara Chapman, R&B group Day 26, and motivational speaker/writer Karli Harvey.

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Sheen Magazine hosted an all day long beauty suite at the Convention Center’s Marriott in the Julia Ballroom. The beauty suite included various beauty brands that included pamper services, tips, and products. The highlight of the event included several celebrity sightings. Sheen Magazine had some very cool celebrity guests to drop by.

We first got a chance to catch up with the lovely R&B singer Sara Chapman. The songbird looked lovely as she caught us up on life since she was last seen on Season Two of “Making of the Band”. She was candid about taking time away from music to raise her children, pursue other endeavors such as becoming an esthtician, and her thoughts on the evolution of reality television. I asked her about joining a reality show and she says she would love to do one again but it would have to be on her terms and display positivity. Sara said,

In my day reality tv was real; I am not sure if the shows are scripted today; but it’s a choice on how you portray your character on tv. If you want to act a fool realize you will be branded as a fool!

We got a chance to see 4/5 of R&B Group Day 26 from Season Five of Making of the Band. The energetic band members turnt all the way up in the Sheen Magazine Ultimate Beauty Suite. They want the world to know that DAY 26 is back and they are all about making real music that’s relatable to me, and you, your mama, and your cousins too. They shared their fondest memories of Making the Band and how they are still grinding hard to create real good music. Day 26’s latest project “The Return” which includes original music by Day 26 and a book explaining how their music is realized. They excitedly told us to come check them out as they perform in the Super Lounge at 7 pm for the 20th Annual Essence Festival.

We also got a chance to catch up with the lovely Karli Harvey who’s a powerful motivational speaker and author. We had to ask her to share some tips on living a great life now. She shared that affirmation is everything. She shares that you got to speak life over everything that you want. She says that being positive is a must to have the life you want. She also shared that she is doing tons of speaking engagements and enjoying the summer fun at Essence Festival 2014.

We have some amazing videos forthcoming of these interviews. Shout out to the homies over at Sheen Magazine Ultimate Beauty Suite.

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