PHOTOS : Snoop Dogg Takes Over UpTown Comedy Club



Snoop Dogg made a special apperance in the ATL to support his homie & Jermaine Dupri’s cousin club promoter Lil Baller at Uptown Comedy Club.

Check out the details below.

Last night Uptown Comedy Club was jamed packed as ATL came out to see comedian Benji Brown, the one man who is heating up the national comedy scene. Known for his hillarious routine featuring our favorite ghetto friend KeKe. He was hillarious.

Benji Brown had a star studded audience as my brother Lil Scrappy and the love of his life Bambi was in the building getting their laugh on and their date night in.

Shout to my boi Lil Baller club promoter extraodinaire. Lil Baller invited rapper Snoop to come out for an evening of fun. Snoop is all about work and making new music but decided to take a break to get his laugh on and party on in Atlanta.

I also spotted the homie rapper strong> Triandad James in the building getting his laugh on.

Every Sunday night Uptown Comedy Club is one of the best places to be. Nothing like kicking it with the homies over laughs, drinks, and good food.

Snoop was so cool. He made a point to talk to everybody and took pictures with ever fan. Let’s continue to support Snoop.

Check out the fun we had below.

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