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PHOTOS : T.I. and Tiny’s Son King Harris’ 11th Birthday Party


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to get pictures of T.I. and Tiny‘s big 11th birthday party for their son King Harris that included the entire Harris family. The birthday boy celebrated a fun water park themed birthday celebration; that involved swimming, a brand new dirt bike, a pair of U Wheels, a cake fit for a King, and lots of fun. Can you believe that King is 11 years old? Time is moving so fast!


Check out the details below.


The entire Harris family got together at a local “beach” in a suburb of Atlanta to celebrate King Harris’ 11th birthday. Trouble Kid was full of excitement as he partied with his family and looked forward to all of the gifts that comes with turning 11. King was excited about his new dirt bike that T.I. bought him to celebrate the day. He showed off his skills and could not wake to give it a spin!

The family is so much fun; Tiny’s niece Tamara Whitaker came up with the concept of the wild beach party that included a treasure chest cake with edible sand. King was so excited to blow out the candles that T.I. had to step in and prevent a fire hazard. There will be no Michael Jackson and Pespi Cola incidents on King’s big day!

The party was so much fun and I wanted to wish another happy birthday to King! Enjoy the pictures below.

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