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PHOTOS: T.I. Hosts Atlanta Listening Party for Bankroll Mafia’s with Special Guests Jezzy, B.o.B and More!


Atlanta is ablaze thanks to the epic listening party for Bankroll Mafia hosted by rapper T.I. and powered by the good people over at Seagrams. The epic event was held at Atlanta’s newest entertainment hotspot Top Golf. Atlanta’s biggest and brightest stars came out to celebrate the works of Bankroll Mafia and have a good time that involved music, Seagrams, and southern hospitality.

Check out the details after the break.

Extraordinary swagg and pure epicness is what guests experienced at the official listening party for Super Group Bankroll Mafia hosted by T.I. over the weekend. Bankroll Mafia is composed of  T.I., Young Thug, Shad Da God, London Jae, and YSL Duke). The star-studded self-titled album listening party was held at Top Golf in Atlanta and the event was turnt as guests enjoyed drinks by Seagrams as they worked on their golf swing.

Bankroll Mafia is the brainchild of rapper T.I. and he shares that he wanted to create a dream team of rappers representing the ATL. When asked how he would describe Bankroll Mafia TIP had the following to say,

“Bankroll Mafia represents the brightest of Atlanta’s rising stars. From paper bags to duffel bags, you name it they got it. The pillars of the community, they provide notoriously, by any means necessary.”

Special guests included rappers Jeezy, B.o.B, Big Gipp, actor Jamal Woolard, DJ Don Cannon, DJ Greg Street (V-103), music executive KP Prather, and so many Atlanta taste makers and influencers.

Bankroll Mafia dropped their debut self-titled album on Friday, April 22nd. Congrats to the homies on a job well done. Check out the photos below.

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