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PHOTOS: T.I.’s Private Birthday Dinner with Family, Usher, Ray J, Young Jezzy, Nelly, and More


T.I. closed out the BET 2014 Hip Hop Awards weekend with a private cook out to celebrate bis birthday surrounded by his family and celebrity friends. Guests enjoyed good food, drinks, and networking at Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano.

Check out the fun and see the special surprise T.I. received from his children below.


The BET 2014 Hip Hop Awards ended with an epic boom as T.I. celebrated his birthday surrounded by his close family and friends. The private dinner was a culmination of a fantastic weekend that included parties, performances, and GRAND HUSTLE.


T.I. is one year older, wiser, successful, and beyond blessed. His wife Tiny, their children, sister and entire family was on hand to celebrate his big day that included tons of gifts. T.I. happily unwrapped each gift as his family looked on with love and pride. Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano was a buzz as the birthday man celebrated another year with some of the biggest names in the industry.

The birthday cake was amazing it was like a fireworks show in sugar form. In addition to celebrating with the family; the friends came out to show their love and support including Young Jeezy, NellyRay J, Usher, Monyetta Shaw, and many more.


I had the pleasure of taking an up to date family portrait for T.I. as a gift from the kids. He received tons of gifts but I am sure that was one of his favorites!


Happy Birthday TIP!

Check out the fun we had below:

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