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PHOTOS: Tameka Tiny Harris Hosts Mother-Daughter Brunch and Pageant Hosted by Shekinah Jo with Special Guest KeKe Wyatt and T.I.!


My girl Tameka Tiny Harris hosted a very nice Mother-Daughter Brunch and Pageant over the weekend at Suite Lounge celebrating the beauty of motherhood. The event was just in time for Mother’s Day and it was star-studded.


The event was hosted by my girl Shekinah Jo and the proceeds went to The Bella Organization  created by Tiny’s neice Tamara Whitaker  and For The Love of Our Fathers. My girl KeKe Wyatt graced the event full of charm with her little girl.



Check out the details below.

Suite Lounge was full of motherly and daughterly love thanks to my girls Tiny and Shekinah Jo. The lovely ladies hosted an event celebrating Mother’s Day that featured live music by the homie KeKe Wyatt.



In addition to the live entertainment by my girl KeKe there was a very cute pageant featuring fashion for mommies and their little girls. The little girls had so much attitude and had so much fun showing off their dresses and entertaining the crowd.


The event was hosted by the Shekinah Jo who is always full of energy and fun.


The guests enjoyed a southern brunch meal followed by a full dessert bar. Guests enjoyed giveaways and just had a great time being girls.

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The proceeds from the celebration went to two charities near and dear to the Harris family. The first charity was The Bella Organization founded by Tiny’s niece Tamara Whitaker which encourages women and girls to feel beautiful from the inside out.


The second charity of the day was For The Love of Our Fathers an organization that help caregivers emotionally and financially. The event was wonderful. Check out the fun we had below.

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