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Photos: Tammy Rivera presents the 2016 Swim Runway Show !


My girl Tammy Rivera hosted her own fashion show for her new swim wear gear ! The event was held at Infiniti of South Atlanta courtesy of Andre Goolsby. Food was prepared by celebrity Chef Sammie Davis and valet services were available compliments of the lovely ladies of ” Pink Stiletto Valet.”

The fashion show displayed the newest swim wear trends modeled by a group of lovely ladies that were perfect Tammy’s collection. My girl Tammy is definitely doing big things and I’m so excited for her. Amongst the crowd was none other that her lovely mother, her bestie “Bambi ” Rasheeda Frost, Lil Scrappy, Deb Abney and more ! Shout out to my girls from Eyelash Vizion for putting on yet another great event, you rock ladies ! Tammy’s new 2016 swim wear collection was held just in the right time for summer approaching right around the corner ! Her swim wear is definitely motivation for women to get your body in shape so you can rock this fabulous swim wear. For more info on ordering her swim wear, visit www. !

Check out the fashion show pics courtesy of Briana Crudup

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