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PHOTOS: Terri Vaughn’s Baby Shower with Surprise Angie Stone Performance!


Terri Vaughn had a star-studded baby shower at Krave Lounge in Atlanta, and it turned into an old school concert with a surprise performance by R&B Diva Angie Stone and former The Sequence band mate Blondy.


Check out the details below.


Actress Terri Vaughn glowed with motherly beauty as she and her husband Karon Joseph Riley hosted a fun-filled baby shower surrounded by their close family and friends. The parents to be are over the moon with excitement about their daughter Lola Riley‘s upcoming birth. Terri and Karon are proud parents to two little boys and are so happy about their baby girl.


The baby shower was very sweet as the couple greeted guests with smiles and enjoyed food by my girl Mali Hunter. There was a beautiful pink cake surrounded by cupcakes and cookies shaped as baby essentials. Terri looked pretty in pink in a custom made sundress. They mommy to be circulated around the room thanking her guests for coming and sharing details about the new baby. There were all laughs and smiles at this intimate baby shower.


The all pink baby girl affair was truly star studded as the couple’s closest friends came out with gifts that included tons of diapers and baby cards. The evening was not all sugar and spice it turned into a concert thanks to R&B Diva Angie Stone. The guests were excited to see Angie take to the stage as she shared words of wisdom and sung her heart out as Terri and Karon bobbed to the beat. She invited Jacquitta Williams and Trina Braxton to the stage to help her sing and it was so nice. The icing on the cake was the improntu reunion of Angie Stone (Angie B) and Gwendolyn Chisolm (Blondy) the two performed their HIP HOP classic “Funk You Up” and the crowd went wild. It was really a blast from the past. theme party was star studded with the couple’s family and friends. The highlight of the afternoon was R&B Diva Angie Stone’s surprise performance that turned the baby shower into an old school R&B concert filled with soulful sounds and Hip Hop when The Sequence’s Blondy and Angie B took the crowd back down memory lane with their classic RAP Song.

The event was fun as we ate food curtesy of my girl Mali Hunter. Celebrity guests included:


R&B Diva Angie Stone and Blondy


Actor Tommy Ford


R&B Singer and Reality Star Trina Braxton and husband Gabe


Radio Personality Ebony Steele


TV Personality Rashan Ali


TV Personality Jacquitta Williams


Music Industry Insider Mali Hunter


Socialite Chanita Foster

Check out the fun we had in the photos below.

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