PHOTOS: The #BETHipHopAwards 2016 Green Carpet Featuring DJ Khaled, Snoop, TI, Gucci Mane & More



I was blessed to have the opportunity to capture images for the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards green carpet. Some of the biggest and brightest stars all made their way to the ATL for a dope week of Hip Hop Fun.

dsc_2007 dsc_2137 dsc_1724

Check out the details after the break.

The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards was held at Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. The much celebrated event will air on October 4, 2016.

Rapper Snoop Dogg was honored for his great contribution to Hip Hop by receiving the   “I Am Hip Hop” honor.


DJ Khaled hosted the epic event.


TI used the BET HIP HOP Awards as a platform to address injustices and support Black Lives Matter.


Gucci Mane graced his first BET event since getting out of jail.


The GREEN CARPET was lit. Check out the photos below.

dsc_0825 dsc_0830 dsc_0831 dsc_0836 dsc_0837 dsc_0842 dsc_0864 dsc_0868 dsc_0869 dsc_0874 dsc_0877 dsc_0886 dsc_0887 dsc_0889 dsc_0894 dsc_0896 dsc_0901 dsc_0902 dsc_0907 dsc_0914 dsc_0921 dsc_0922 dsc_0925 dsc_0927 dsc_0929 dsc_0931 dsc_0935 dsc_0940 dsc_0945 dsc_0949 dsc_0960 dsc_0961 dsc_0962 dsc_0964 dsc_0966 dsc_0972 dsc_0975 dsc_0976 dsc_0990 dsc_1000 dsc_1001 dsc_1009 dsc_1014 dsc_1024 dsc_1031 dsc_1035 dsc_1040 dsc_1050 dsc_1056 dsc_1060 dsc_1066 dsc_1071 dsc_1076 dsc_1081 dsc_1087 dsc_1092 dsc_1097 dsc_1102 dsc_1108 dsc_1111 dsc_1121 dsc_1122 dsc_1130 dsc_1135 dsc_1137 dsc_1142 dsc_1145 dsc_1157 dsc_1160 dsc_1161 dsc_1168 dsc_1173 dsc_1178 dsc_1182 dsc_1187 dsc_1197 dsc_1198 dsc_1205 dsc_1210 dsc_1217 dsc_1221 dsc_1225 dsc_1230 dsc_1235 dsc_1242 dsc_1247 dsc_1258 dsc_1263 dsc_1272 dsc_1273 dsc_1277 dsc_1282 dsc_1288 dsc_1292 dsc_1295 dsc_1297 dsc_1301 dsc_1306 dsc_1308 dsc_1312 dsc_1318 dsc_1322 dsc_1327 dsc_1336 dsc_1337 dsc_1346 dsc_1351 dsc_1356 dsc_1362 dsc_1367 dsc_1370 dsc_1372 dsc_1382 dsc_1387 dsc_1390 dsc_1396 dsc_1397 dsc_1402 dsc_1407 dsc_1412 dsc_1413 dsc_1416 dsc_1417 dsc_1421 dsc_1426 dsc_1431 dsc_1436 dsc_1441 dsc_1457 dsc_1467 dsc_1470 dsc_1471 dsc_1481 dsc_1491 dsc_1497 dsc_1502 dsc_1506 dsc_1509 dsc_1510 dsc_1511 dsc_1516 dsc_1522 dsc_1526 dsc_1527 dsc_1531 dsc_1542 dsc_1547 dsc_1551 dsc_1557 dsc_1562 dsc_1567 dsc_1575 dsc_1577 dsc_1582 dsc_1583 dsc_1587 dsc_1588 dsc_1592 dsc_1597 dsc_1598 dsc_1605 dsc_1608 dsc_1611 dsc_1616 dsc_1622 dsc_1625 dsc_1628 dsc_1632 dsc_1633 dsc_1637 dsc_1642 dsc_1643 dsc_1646 dsc_1653 dsc_1657 dsc_1663 dsc_1668 dsc_1669 dsc_1674 dsc_1676 dsc_1679 dsc_1685 dsc_1686 dsc_1689 dsc_1694 dsc_1695 dsc_1696 dsc_1701 dsc_1711 dsc_1716 dsc_1719 dsc_1724 dsc_1730 dsc_1731 dsc_1733 dsc_1735 dsc_1739 dsc_1744 dsc_1749 dsc_1754 dsc_1755 dsc_1759 dsc_1760 dsc_1764 dsc_1769 dsc_1770 dsc_1775 dsc_1780 dsc_1781 dsc_1785 dsc_1787 dsc_1789 dsc_1794 dsc_1799 dsc_1800 dsc_1808 dsc_1810 dsc_1814 dsc_1819 dsc_1822 dsc_1823dsc_1846 dsc_1851 dsc_1856 dsc_1862 dsc_1866 dsc_1867 dsc_1871 dsc_1874 dsc_1875 dsc_1880 dsc_1881 dsc_1887 dsc_1892 dsc_1896 dsc_1900 dsc_1901 dsc_1907 dsc_1908 dsc_1921 dsc_1922 dsc_1927 dsc_1928 dsc_1937 dsc_1942 dsc_1956 dsc_1957 dsc_1961 dsc_1967 dsc_1971 dsc_1972 dsc_1975 dsc_1986 dsc_1993 dsc_2002 dsc_2007 dsc_2011 dsc_2017 dsc_2021 dsc_2025 dsc_2026 dsc_2031 dsc_2032 dsc_2037 dsc_2038 dsc_2042 dsc_2046 dsc_2051 dsc_2052 dsc_2057 dsc_2061 dsc_2062 dsc_2066 dsc_2071 dsc_2075 dsc_2077 dsc_2080 dsc_2085 dsc_2087 dsc_2088 dsc_2092 dsc_2097 dsc_2102 dsc_2107 dsc_2122 dsc_2128 dsc_2132 dsc_2137 dsc_2142 dsc_2147 dsc_2152 dsc_2155 dsc_2157 dsc_2161 dsc_2165 dsc_2166 dsc_2172 dsc_2176 dsc_2178 dsc_2181 dsc_2188 dsc_2192 dsc_2197 dsc_2198


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