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PHOTOS: The DJ A One Celebrates 30th Birthday Party with Celebrity Friends Kandi Burruss, Scrappy, KeKe Wyatt and More!


The DJ A One celebrated his 30th Celebrity Birthday Party with the usual suspects at Boogalou Lounge in Atlanta, GA.
Check out the details below.


The DJ A One celebrated his birthday surrounded by his celebrity friends and cohorts at Boogalou Lounge. A man only turns 30 once and the homie celebrated in style and turned all the way up!


The first epic moment of the evening was the mere presence of Kandi Burrus at his big birthday party. Let me put you up on game. Kandi Burruss don’t appear nowhere for FREE. You want Kandi Burruss to swing by your birthday party you have to be willing to PAY.

Her minimum fee for  appearances is $10,000. Her appearance was a huge birthday gift as the party popped 400 bottles of Circo that has my head still spinning. This is a lifestyle!


In addition to Kandi’s appearance at the party; the lovely Nikki Nicole was there to wish her fellow co-host a very happy birthday.


A One wants you all to know that Kandi Koated Nights is coming back this Fall with the best conversations about Sex, Relationships, and Debauchery.


R&B Diva KeKe Wyatt came out to wish DJ A One a very happy birthday and that included a song it was so nice. She knows she can make any song sound epic.


Mimi Faust was in the house celebrating A One’s big birthday party!


Lil Scrappy and Bambi were spotted having a date night at A One’s birthday party and I thought it was going to be a little uncomfortable because Shay Johnson was in the house too. But everybody was real mature and kept the focus on A One because it was his day.


Shay was spotting having a great time with her home girls feeling UNBOTHERED!


Derek J was spotting have a great time at the birthday party.

Chanel from Cash Money was also spotted at the celebrity filled birthday party.

DJ A One was not the only birthday boy. Two Chainz’s offical DJ was also in the house celebrating his birthday too. Shout out to DJ E Sudd for coming out and celebrating with us on his big day.


A One plans on taking his brand up to new heights. He says that his motto  is giving him focus in this period of life. It is time to turn all the way up. A One shares,

Everybody wants to be famous; no one wants to put in the work!

The big homie has definitely been putting in the work. He has so much going on these days from working the hottest parties, showcasing his #Famous$HIT brand and just doing it big. Check out the latest installment of Fasmous$hit below:

When asked what’s next on his horizon. He shared that he will be turning up next monday with Todd Tucker for his big birthday party. It’s definitely LEO season!

Check out the fun we had below.
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Happy Birthday Dj A One!

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