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PHOTOS: Tiny & Zonnique Presents 2nd Annual Mother Daughter Brunch


My girls Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris and daughter Zonnique Pullins hosted the 2nd Annual Mother Daughter Brunch in the ATL. The afternoon was all about celebrating the wonderful relationship between mother and daughter. The event was put on by Tiny’s niece Tamara Whitaker former manager of the OGM Girlz and head event planning extrodainare over at the Bella Organization and the Assistant Director of the wonderful non-profit “For the Love of Our Fathers“. The brunch was held at Klass Restaurant & Lounge.


Check out the details below.


Mothers and Daughters from all over the country came out to celebrate with Tiny and Zonnique for the 2nd Annual Mother Daughter Brunch for an afternoon of fine dining and pageantry hosted at Klass Restaurant & Lounge (formerly Frank Ski’s Restaurant) in the heart of Buckhead. The afternoon was all about celebrating beautiful mommies and their beautiful daughters; dressed in their very best and competing for the title of Mother & Daughter of the Year. The purpose of the competition is to see which mother and daughter pair rocked the best formal gowns & who had the biggest talents. Tiny, Zonnique, Mama TI, and Ms. Dianne Pope served as the judges for the pageant. It was so DOPE!


The winners for the 2nd Annual Mother Daughter Brunch was Mother: Jayniece and Daughter Jai. They wowed the audience in their flowy, fluffy, blue and green ensembles and they captivated the hearts of the judges with their precise turns on the runway and their performance of their hit song “Bangles & Heels”. Super cute!


Tiny’s good friends also made a point to support the pair as they celebrate the love of motherhood. Kandi Burruss-Tucker and daughter Riley was in attendance. Riley has really grown; she is taller than all of us!




90’s R&B royalty Meelah Williams and Latavia Roberson was also there celebrating the wonderful occasion. Latvia and her baby girl Lyric was dressed to the nine’s in their matching black and white polka dot outfits. Super cute!


Atlanta’s own Jazzy Pha stopped by to support Tiny and Zonnique and check out We R Charm group as they performed for the guests. Comedian K Dubb was the host of the afternoon challenging the mommas and daughters to who can NAE NAE the best. It was crazy!



Tiny & Zonnique had such an amazing time hosting the event together; it gives the dynamic pair an opportunity to connect with their fan base, give back to the community, and most importantly spend time with their close family and friends.

I had so much fun kicking it with my girls. You know I love me some Tiny, Zonnique, Mama TI, Ms. Dianne and the whole Pretty Hustle Family. I am so proud of my girls for always doing big things that incorporate the community, family, and most importantly THE HUSTLE. Zonnique is currently in the studio working on her new album and is expanding into the world of acting. Mama TI and Ms. Dianne is working on their new tv show which is all about the celebrity mamas; that’s going to be DOPE! As you know Tiny stays busy grinding, pretty hustling, and making moves.


Special shout out to the sponsors who helped make the Second Annual Mother Daughter Brunch a big success: Tiny’s Tequila, I AM Bella, Booshie Raggz LLC, Cali Creations, Blush Blue Rose, Jewelry 4 Girlz, I Wear Glam, Ju Belle Naturals, Mommies N Munchkins, Designs by Nijah, VH1, Selfie Sticks 4 Less, Asia’s Tutus, House of B Jewels, The Charleston Crunch Company, Paper Studio by TreC, Styled Kidz Obsession, Virgin Hair Obsession, Trinity Rose Collection, Express Smile Atlanta, Sadie & Tenell, and Platinum Events.

Check out the fun we had in the images below.

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