PHOTOS : Tiny’s Music Wonderland and Toy Drive to Benefit Atlanta Families!



Over the weekend Tiny alongside husband T.I. decided to host a music wonderland a gigantic charity event alongside their close friends and family. The couple believes in giving back to the community and having fun. Check out the cool gifts that were given away and all the fun we had below.

IMG_0947Power couple T.I. and Tiny decided to host a big charity event over the weekend. The couple decided that they would bless over 1,000 families living within Metro Atlanta this holiday season with gifts and happiness. Surrounded by close friends and family the couple took over Southwest Atlanta with “Tiny’s Winter Wonderland“.

There were over 400 children in the house to kick off the holiday season by enjoying games, food, and musical performances by OMG, Domani Harris, and Amera J.




All of the Harris children were in the house and had a ball connecting with kids from all over Atlanta. There were beauty services, games, and just good old fashion fun. T.I. and Tiny gave out big screen televisions and gift cards to the parents in attendance. It was truly an awesome event.




Stay tuned because T.I. and Tiny will be giving out toys for needy families in Atlanta. Be sure to check out Tiny’s Instagram @Majorgirl to get more details on how to get a toy or pass on the word.

Check out the fun below.

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