PHOTOS: TIP and Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed Bless Needy Families with Turkey Dinners!



Rapper/Actor/Philanthropist and the “KING OF THE SOUTH” TIP alongside Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed helped to make Thanksgiving Day 2016 a little brighter by donating turkeys and cheer to needy families. TiP greeted families in need as he and his entire family gave out turkeys, dinner, and other essentials to help these families kick off a   a happy holiday season. I have had the pleasure of taking pics of TIP and his entire family for the past seven years give back in abundance to the City of Atlanta.



Check out our good works after the break.

dsc_5171In numerology seven is the year of completion; TIP shared with the families picking up meals that this is his 7th year of donating Thanksgiving Day meals and plans to continue this worthwhile tradition as long as he can physically do it. TIP announced alongside Atlanta’s mayor Kasim Reed that he loves his city and that this charitable event is not only a blessing to the families in need but a blessing to his entire family giving them a chance to connect with their ATL family and give back.

dsc_5221Atlanta’s Mayor alongside his beautiful wife Sarah-Elizabeth Reed was on hand to distribute turkey and holiday cheer to the families picking up dinner. Actor Christian Keys was also on hand to hand out turkeys too. The Atlanta Vikings Football League was also on hand to lend support at their house the Adamsville Recreation Center which plays host to the yearly turkey drive.


It’s truly a blessing to be in a place and space to give back. Check out the good works and photos below.

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