PHOTOS: Towanda Braxton’s Surprise Birthday Dinner Hosted by Evelyn Braxton, Trina Braxton, with Nivea!



The beautiful Towanda Braxton was surprised by her family and close friends with a birthday dinner with her favorite Baltimore Maryland eats including fresh crab, BBQ ribs, dessert, and fun. The lovely starlet brought in her birthday with her lovely mother Evelyn Braxton, her sister Trina Braxton, and R&B singer Nivea.



The family affair was a perfect way to unwind after a fun filled weekend. Check out the details after the break.


My girl Towanda Braxton was surprised by her mother Mama Evelyn Braxton and her sister Trina Braxton with a Maryland Themed Birthday Dinner with her closest friends. Towanda has been on her grind pursuing her acting career, balancing motherhood, and being a loving wife so for her birthday it was NECESSARY for her to slow down and connect with her family and friends.


Towanda made her way back to ATL after spending some time in DC to handle business and have a little fun. The dinner was a perfect way to kick back and let loose. The lovely star was joined by some of her best friends including my girls R&B singer Nivea and Atlanta news personality Jacuitta Williams.


Guests enjoyed tasty food prepared by Chef Lindsay Collette who pulled together some of Maryland’s favorite comfort food: RIBS, Fresh Crab, Mac and Cheese, and delicious desserts.


Wishing my girl Towanda Braxton a very blessed birthday and a great new year. Check out the fun we had in the image below.

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