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PHOTOS: Toya Wright Hosts Celebrity Pop Up Shop at Garb Boutique Featuring Kandi Burruss, Rasheeda and FreddyO!


Over 1,000 people came out  over the weekend to support Toya Wright’s Celebrity Pop Up Shop at her New Orleans’ based Garb Boutique. Toya went back  home to New Orleans to celebrate All Star Weekend with tons of class and style brining a little ATLANTA to New Orleans. Toya born and bred from New Orleans brought her Atlanta girls Kandi Burruss, Rasheeda, and your boy FreddyO to work her celebrity pop up shop.  It was an amazing time.


Check out the details below.


Toya Wright did her thing over the weekend as she hosted a massive celebrity Pop Up Shop in her Garb Boutique. The posh boutique is situated right off of Magazine Drive in the very heart of New Orleans. Toya pulled out the pink carpet and allowed all of her friends and fans to get a taste of the New Orleans fun life.


My girl Kandi had her Bedroom Kandi on hand. The ladies came in droves to pick up little trinkets to enhance their bedroom activities.



Rasheeda had her I am bossy jewelry and makeup on hand helping the girls look and feel pretty. Rasheeda alongside her beautiful mama was on hand to answer questions about her I AM BOSSY jewelry and her new makeup line. Special shout out to her new baby boy he was on hand being super cute and supporting his mama with tons of smiles and giggles.



Toya premiered her exclusive hair weave which is the best of the best. Ladies Toya got that good hair. You won’t find any tangles and matting in her exclusive hair-line. If you believe in quality hair you gotta check out Toya’s brand. Toya, Kandi, and Rasheeda is making big moves in the hair care arena; the girls have teamed up with my friends over at Hairfinity. They are working on something HUGE in relation to the Bronner Brothers Hair Show. Be sure to stay tuned for the details.


It is so good to see these young entrepreneurs get their hustle on. Let’s be a friend and support these ladies doing their business and getting their grind on the positive.

I had my Pledge to Hustle T-Shirts on hand and they sold out like hotcakes. I can’t wait for you all to see my celebrity friends in their “I Pledge to Hustle” t-shirts. You all must stay tuned.


I had an amazing time hanging out at the Garb Boutique Celebrity Pop Up Shop.
Check out the photos below.
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