PHOTOS: Tree Sound Studios Hosts Rae Sremmurd ATL Listening Party



Mali Hunter and her cohorts over at Tree Sound Studios hosted a dope listening party for the Rae Sremmurd’s sophomore album “SremmLife 2”. The atmosphere was LIT. Industry leaders, bloggers, members of the press, and Atlanta’s most influential tastemakers all went up to Tree Sound Studios to enjoy Chef Mali Hunter’s famous organic home cooking and check out the sounds of Rae Sremmurd. Super Producer Mike Will Made It was also in the house to showcase the sounds of Rae Sremmurd. This event was powered and sponsored by COURVOISIER, CORONA AND CHOLULA!

Check out the pictures courtesy of Briana Crudup

Rae Sremmurd made an explosive presence on the music scene with their premiere album “SremmLife“. We became acquainted with the dynamic duo who brought us instant classics such as “No Flex Zone” and “Throw Sum Mo”.

Rae Sremmurd collaborated with some of the biggest and greatest in the music industry including Mike Will Made It, The Migos, Nicki Minaji, and even the Queen herself Beyonce. The first album and the second album was recorded at Atlanta’s own Tree Sound Studios. Chef and Super Creative Producer Mali Hunter vibed out with the duo and had nothing but great things to say about Rae Sremmurd.


The evening was lit as all of the musicians came together to showcase “SremmLife 2” which have some instant bangers. We listened and watched the duo and their huge entourage bring the music to life right before our eyes. My favorite song on the album is currently “Do Yoga“. I have an appreciation for wellness and flexibility.


Shout out to Rae Sremmurd and the good people over at Tree Sound Studios for a great evening out. Be sure to cop a copy of “SremmLife 2” in stores and on iTunes on Friday, August 12, 2016

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