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PHOTOS: Trina, LeToya Luckett, Teyana Taylor, Tweet Performs for Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas Sin City Weekend EPIC Concert


Last night was one of the most epic concerts I have ever had the privilege of attending with some of the hottest women in the game including iconic rapper Trina and R&B sweethearts LeToya Luckett, Teyana Taylor, and Tweet for the 7th Annual Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas Sin City Weekend. The night was magically and full of good music.

Check out the details below.

As you should remember I am doing it BIG in Las Vegas covering the 7th Annual Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas Sin City. I was flown out to cover one of the dopest Pride weekends that include partying, celebrity appearances, and tons of concerts. The  main event was held last night at the Silver Nugget Casino showcasing the music artistry of the lovely ladies LeToya Luckett, Trina, Tweet, and Teyana Taylor. The Silver Nugget Casino was full of fantastic energy as the crowds got the chance to experience true music royalty.


First up was my girl R&B singer LeToya Luckett; she gave an amazing performance where she performed all of her classics. That girl can sing and she gave the crowd her all. She’s currently in the studio working on new music. In addition to music LeToya is all about television and the big screen. She’s a rising star on VH1’s hit television show “Single Ladies” and currently working on two movies.


Then my long time home girl Teyana Taylor took over the stage. I was truly blown away any Teyana as she worked the stage. I am so excited for this starlet who’s signed to Kanye West’s Good Music record label where she premiered her debut album “VII” in 2014 . Teyana is the ultimate performer she put on a great show that included cool dancing routines and good music.


My girl Tweet took to the stage and if you have ever experienced this songbird you know it was truly a treat. Tweet is so soulful and had the crowd going wild. Tweet is currently working on her new album and promise that she’s has a lot of new music coming our way very soon.


Erica Mena was special guest of the evening and she had the honor of introducing the Baddest Rapper Trina to the stage. Erica Mena is so dope; her reputation seems counter to who she is as a person. I can see why her husband Shad Moss is so in love with her. Erica mentioned that she’s working on some dope projects and can’t wait for the world to see.


Trina then came out on stage and shut it down. Miami’s finest the 305 came out and rocked the stage. Trina is truly the BADDEST! Trina has been busy at work; she’s started her own record label and mentors new artists. Trina performed all of her hits. I didn’t realize how many hits that the home girl had under her belt. Her segment lasted about an hour. If you have never had the privilege of seeing Trina live you have missed a treat.

I had so much fun capturing images from the concert and enjoying good music. The 7th Annual Tempted 2 Touch Las Vegas Sin City has been everything and it’s not over yet. I am getting ready to take a nap so I can be ready to see my girl tonight at the finale all Black Party at the  Havana Room hosted by the sensational Fantasia. Special thanks to Mexican Joe and Traxx Girls for the opportunity!

Check out the images below.

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