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Photos/Video: Dru Hill Smashed The Stage At Wolf Creek Amphitheater In Atlanta

DSC_9851My favorite group of all time, Dru Hill,  hit the stage for the Twilight Productions 2 Evening Under the Stars Music Festival at Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta and smashed!!!  The ladies were all singing along to all the groups songs word for word and the fans were going crazy dancing and having a good time. The guys were also interviewed by my homie, the tallest man I know, Tall Boy.  He got a chance to chat with Dru Hill backstage where they talked about the riots in Baltimore and how to make things better in the city they came from.

DSC_9794Dru Hill is celebrating 20 years in the music business and they are about to go on a world wide tour to give back to there fans. Check out the interview and all the pictures from the concert at Wolf Creek Amphitheater below.

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