PHOTOS & VIDEO: Faith Evans Performs in the Coca-Cola SuperLounge at #EssenceFest 2013

Our home girl Faith Evans did her thang in the Coca-Cola SuperLounge at the Essence Festival 2013 it felt like the good old days of Bad Boy.
Check it out after the break!

Our R&B Diva Faith Evans had the most packed of all the Super Lounges during the Essence Festival. There were so many people trying to get a glimpse and a hear of the soulful diva that we feel that Essence should have had her on the main stage. We jammed to her Bad Boy classics and remembered the good old 90’s. You know that music that makes you feel all warm and happy inside. Faith performed “All Night Long” and “Used to Love Me”.

We love Faith Evans and it was a treat to see her live and in living color!

We were left thinking man oh man!

“Faith still GOT IT!”

What do you think about her performance? Do you have a favorite Faith Evans song?

Tell us which hit makes you feel like it’s 1995. Leave your comments below.

Special thanks to our friends over at Sound Savvy for the video!


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