Polow Da Don Throws Album Release Party For Chris Brown

puffy-diddy-chris-brownChris Brown came to ATL for his fan appreciation tour which sold out in 3 days and to promote his new album Graffiti. After having the chance to be around him and meeting all his people I have a new found respect for him. He is a really good dude.

Chris who at times we forget that he is stilling growing up is just so thankful of all the love and support his fans friends and family has giving him. My Homie Polow Da Don invited me to the party he threw for Chris at Opera night club to honor him for his new album Graffiti that comes out next week. Puffy wanted to make sure Chris knew he had much love for him, so he left the party that was thrown for him at the Velvet-room and came to party with Chris’s… WOW The homies Ester Dean, Samie, Lil-Scrappy, Chubby Princes, Kato and Jazzie, also came out to show their love…


I wanna give a shout out to Mia, Krista, and Chris Manager for all the love. Make sure ya’ll go pick up his album on Dec.8…I know I’m going to pick up 4 copies. LOL Here are all there pics… P.S. I love the Album..

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  1. Mel..x says:

    Freddy, this is my first time commenting i am a regular visitor of your site, and been from London, i am trying to learn about the best parties in the USA especially in Antlanta, as i am plannint to come there mid time next year with my Londoner girlfriends 🙂 and i must say, i cant wait..x loool.. need a new scene london is fun but that country american accent is SWEET! lol.. and i am glad chris is doing well, he is not a bad guy really, i will be coping that CD on Tuesday 2, i will get 5, one for me and the rest for the FAM.. we going to be chris browned out for xmas lolx MUUUAHH..xtill yo neexpos

  2. honey says:

    why do you have a NEW FOUND RESPECT for this young man? did you judge him before knowing him?

  3. X, Y,"and Z" says:


    I gotta be honest, I knew of ‘a’ Chris Brown, before Feb 8th, but knew nothing ’bout his music, nor him!
    It wasn’t till I read that “Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record” that I had questions: too many red flags!
    THEN, my ‘X’, a lawyer, read it, and began to ‘shine-the-light in my eyes!’ I yet-still spoke to, no-less-than – at length:
    * A legal clerk, who works for a judge.
    * X-cop(detective)
    *Another Lawyer(X-prosecutor)

    Most of the aforementioned are in my family, so all I had to do was/is to pick up the phone and dial. What I’ve learned was…..enlightening!

    You see, that Warrant, and what the public’s believes, and has knowledge of, ’bout this case, is ‘hearsay’ and ONLY used to get the judges permission to seize/collect evidence. In this case, the Cell Phone Records!

    ‘Warrants,’ as the Judge’s clerk I spoke to, told me, are written to enrage, entice, impassion and ‘move-to-action’ the intended reader, in this case – Judge Patricia Schnegg. This judge MUST feel impassioned-enough to sign the warrant, thereby, making it THEN, legally enforceable.
    But, as was realized and brought to MY attention, that “Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record” was NOT signed Rhianna!

    The significance of Rhianna’s signature NOT being on that “Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record” CAN’T be overstated! You see, that FURTHER shows that, ‘any-and-all’ details and telling of the events of ‘Feb 8th’ in that “Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record” MUST be viewed as suspicious, rumor, ‘third-party,’ and “unofficial!”

    The ONLY ‘telling’ of that Feb 8th evening can be found in Rhianna’s statement to the LAPD. Chris Brown surrendered WITH HIS LAWYER, so we can safely ASSUME, that he made no statement! But Rhianna DID make a statement; the exact verbatim of which is STILL secret! BUT, we have, no-less-than TMZ, her biggest supporter and CBreezy’s biggest hater/detractor to thank for excerpts, of HER said statement.
    In THAT statement, she was characterized, by the LAPD, as the “Aggressor and Instigator” of the violence in THAT car on Feb 8th!

    Her statement further said that SHE Slapped, Punched and Hit Chris Brown BEFORE he retaliated!
    You see, Freddy, TMZ put out the truth, but they also put out lies along with HER picture, that America – post Jan 21 – America, that elected a black man as President, choose to believe.

    So Rhianna was NOT seen to be the ‘Aggressor and Instigator,’ which IS the truth! NO, America choose to believe Chris Brown got caught cheating, and Rhianna annoyed him so much – on his way to taking her home – that he couldn’t wait to take her home, thereby getting her OUT of his car; no, incredibly, they believe, he pulled over and proceeded to, unprovokingly, beat her!

    That “Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record” and the subsequent “Probation Report” are not, at all, accurate depictions of ‘Feb 8th’s’ events!

    There’s a multitude of questions upon reading either, or both:

    *Why didn’t Chris just drive the short distance, thereby taking her home and getting rid of her? He could then have spent the night with his ‘jump-off,’ you know, the ‘booty-call texter?’
    *Why didn’t Rhianna just GET OUT? Chris had pulled over, attempted to even push HER out, even opening up the door! Even if, as the Warrant claims, her seatbelt was on, why didn’t SHE undo it? She had the ‘presence-of-mind’ to take the keys out of the ignition, why not, THEN just undo the seatbelt and get out?
    *Chris MUST have been yelling at her, ‘to-get-out-of-the-car’, don’t you think so? Do you think THAT incident , in THAT car, was without human voice, or in sign-language? I think NOT!
    *How is Chris going to ‘choke-her-out’ and drive at the same time? He’s not THAT talented!
    *Why ‘ONLY’ Assault? By definition, ‘Assault,’ under ‘Cali-law,’ is the wanting/intention ‘to-do bodily harm’. ‘Battery’ IS the doing of bodily harm! So why didn’t they charge him WITH ‘Assault and Battery’? Is what I’m asking?

    *Why, send the case back down to the LAPD for 2 weeks, ONLY to get it sent back to the DA with “nothing-more”, but only the same charge: Threats and Assault?!?!
    *If the telling of the events of Feb 8th were as said in that “Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record,” then ‘Attempted Murder’ SHOULD have been the charge, and ‘NOT-just’ the “attempt” at doing bodily harm: Assault!

    Then there are 3rd parties, parties/entities with a ‘vested-interest’ as to the ‘goings-on’ in THAT car on Feb 8th: CoverGirl.
    Again, TMZ, his biggest hater and her, most loyal supporter/cheerleader, reported that, just weeks short of June 22nd, the day trial was to begin and Rhianna was to take the stand, CoverGirl stopped running her commercials, and ONLY the day AFTER Chris copped to the Assault, June 23rd, did they begin to run ’em again; but why?

    Why if everyone believed the “Cell Phone Warrant/Police Record” to be the truth, and seeing that Chris, NOT copping to the plea/assault PRE June 22nd, did CoverGirl THEN, believing that Rhianna WAS to take the stand, and COULD ONLY THEN re-tell the evenings events per-her- statement – did they decide to disassociate themselves from/with her?

    One can, ONLY THEN, believe that her statement DID say that she was “Aggressor and Instigator”; NOT the ‘fawn-like victim’ as she claims, or portrays herself to be!!

    There are more cue, clues, inconsistencies in that “Cell Phone Warrant/Police Warrant” and ‘Probation Report’ that removes ALL doubt as to the Aggressor and Instigator of ‘Feb 8th!’
    We are THEN left with suppositions and ‘what-if’s’:

    *Did Rhianna’s actions, not unlike those of Elin Woods, almost cause Chris to loose control of that Lamborghini, as he was hurrying along to take her home, as to THEN, make his…”appointed rounds?”
    IF so, and, yes – that Cell Warrant DID say that Rhianna felt the car ‘swerve side-to-side’, indicating it was becoming ‘out-of-control’ – none could THEN say, they have ANY doubt, should Chris say – he felt HIS life in danger, and took action(s) to guard his life AND hers – of HIS right to do just that: SAVE HIS LIFE(and hers)!!

    So to conclude:
    Other rappers, ball players and entertainers should ‘SIT-UP’ and take-notice of ‘Feb 8th Chrianna!’ You see, IF TMZ and the mainstream, who, unaffectionately I call ‘YT,’ can ALMOST destroy squeeky-clean, young 19 y/o Chris Brown, then what ’bout the rest of the 99% of the aforementioned entertainers/ball-players and the likes, who, no-doubt, have SOME dirt under THEIR nails?

    It’s just but a matter of time till, TMZ finds that video of Jay Z slapping up that young black woman FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, don’t you think?
    And what will Oprah THEN say? Or, maybe we should ask Bebe Winans?

    X, Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  4. kim says:

    Dear Freddy O, or whoever you are, please go back to school and learn how to spell. you embarass yourself when you write. i mean, did you ever see the 4 walls of a classroom? my 5 year o.ld son can put a sentence together bettert than you. DAmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  5. noodles says:

    You told her to go back and learn how to spell. Which for one wasn’t the point of the message it was of how many things are really left out. And I didn’t really see anything spelled wrong. And some of my family too are into law so I asked them about this and they had the same opinion. of course a few months after the incident they said that the story the media let out is not the same as the original and all that good stuff. But anyways Kim or whatever you just made yourself look dumb telling someone to go learn how to spell when for one your spelled a simple word that I could spell when I was three wrong. Last I checked “Better” didn’t have a “T” at the end. And the word “Old” doesn’t have a period after the O. And your grammar isn’t to good either because its not “whoever” when you are adressing a person its “Whom Ever”. So you can’t judge sweetie go learn how to spell lol you are the dumbest fuck ever! But back on topic I love these picture and its just three more days until Graffiti!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Frankies grill says:

    Still trying to figure out when they freed remy ma I kid 😉 I know that’s ester lmao 🙂

  7. Frankies grill says:

    Damn almost a year has passed at this point who cares about what happen Grammy night let the man live!!let ri be naked n Chris bang lslh girls wear bow Ties 😉 till he blue n the face

  8. goons says:

    happy for chris..awww that was nice of puffy..he is really showing breezy some support…nice…cant wait till i get my copies…and freddy, he is a good kid who just got caught up..we live and learn and am glad he mosing forward…he will be around for a long time..

  9. Souljagir says:

    Hi Babes! Glad you posted those pics of C-Breezy boy, I think the young man looks fine…..how can I meet him lmao! I am a big CB fan……I was looking at the pics and (fainted at my desk at work)…..I just wanted to say thanks for giving him some positive shine!

  10. X, Y, "and Z" says:


    I’ve waited months for THIS day: Dec 8th is now upon us! Here, we have the perfect chance, but with a swipe of a credit card to keep reactionary, if not, fascist/racist forces at bay!
    With THIS very technology, we transfer power BACK to the masses. I, after all of this time, have seen only 1 commercial on TV for Chris’ CD. But you know what – so what?

    Who cares WHAT the ‘brick and mortar’ media types thinks or does? I don’t, as you can see from Breezy’s concerts, most were/are sold out, and ‘I can transform ya’, ‘Crawl’, and ‘Forever’ are all in the top ten itunes charts, so I’m NOT alone in my sentiments!

    Facist and racist, TMZ, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, of Fox News fame, have sought to lead-us-around-by-the-nose : make up our very minds, they tried! ….But alas they failed: you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time!

    The ‘truth’ of ‘Feb 8th,’ even realized by TMZ’s admission, no less, that Rhianna was ‘Aggressor and Instigator’ AND Elin Wood’s recent ‘golf-club-swinging-jealous-rage’ could have enlightened the mainstream of the very remote possibility that a woman, being in ‘rutted’ jealous-rage, can become violent. Yes, men may be ‘bigger’ but weapons ‘equalize,’ if not negate any “size-advantage” a man may have.

    Yet still, I doubt ‘YT’ will learn anything- at all; nor care to learn the truth, or see it, as it’s stares in the very face, of the mainstream. As I’ve said before, I think ‘Feb 8th Chrianna,’ IS the ‘backlash’ of/for the Obama Presidency: One step forward, two step backwards!

    But, ironically, it is THIS very technology that has ‘leveled’ the playing field. With the rise of the Internet, the decline of TV and Cable; video had already killed the radio star! So no-more Oprah, maybe Wendy Williams and certainly…..Necole Bitchie/FreddyO? No more will we get information from the center – pushed-out to the ends. You see, Chris Brown’s comeback was done, for the most part, via THIS medium/technology ; to-hell with the mainstream; to-hell with TMZ ; to-hell with Perez Hilton!

    WE GOTS OUR OWN THING!!! Separatist, Nationalistic, hater? Maybe, who knows, depends of what side of the fence you’re standing on!

    In any case, GO BREEZY GO!!!

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