Polo Da Don Throws Surprise Party For His Parents


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I have to give it to my man Polo Da Don. He always does it big when it comes to his family and friends. Polo and his family threw a party for their parents for celebrating many many years of love and happiness. Kudos to the Dons for their love, strength, and endurance.

Shout out to Monica. Make sure yall download her new single from iTunes.

Check out the pics below…


  1. I’m with charles who is POLOW DA DON? the beat stealer? so we heard this year.his mother is manly looking polow what you should’ve gave her was a gift card to the dentist. hahaha

  2. Congrats to hm & his family! At least he can throw a nice lavish party for his family & friends ^ ^ Happy new years to you’ll…Should’ve left the negative energy back over a hour & 20 minutes ago. Why click if you dont like…

  3. To all the haters get alife! Charles and 2010 your mothers must be very disapointed to bring up such low down no respecting kids as to make fun of someone’s mom. I hope you respect your mothers. Life must be sad 4 the both of you that you waste time with nothing to do but hate. My God shine some sunshine in both of your life.


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