Porsha And Kordell Still Living In The Same House



Sources say that Porsha and Kordell are still living in the same house despite their pending divorce. Porsha refuses to leave the house because she feels it would ruin her chances of getting the house after the divorce. 

Of course things are awkward between the two, so Porsha leaves early and comes back late at night to avoid Kordell. This sounds about right seeing that she found out that she was getting a divorce online. Not much to say to somebody who only likes to communication via computer.

I’m not sure I would be in it that strong for the material wealth though. I would have been packed my bags and chucked the deuces.

What would you do? Would you still live with your ex?

Funky Dineva


  1. I don’t think I would be able to live with my soon to be ex while going through a divorce, however, I have not been places in that situation and I don’t plan on it. Good luck to Porsha. I really like her and I feel she got a bad rep. this season on RHOA *wink*

  2. @TineshaFinley What you mean you don’t think you will be able to stay in the same house with your ex why not especially when he is the soul provider. Porsha don’t have anything what was she doing before she meet kordell nothing he upgraded her , now if she know any better she should have been putting away money while she was with him but I don’t if think like that she is a little dingy to be smart like that… But the best thing porsha has going on is to get pregnant by that man and then divorce because he would be stuck to take care of it , Kordell seems like he a stand up type of guy when it come down to taking care of his children we all know he is a great provider to prosha and the thinks she want…..

  3. I really feel bad for Porsha, she didn’t deserve to be treated like that; Kordell is physically unattractive, and clearly his personality is the same; I’m sure he’d be just as much an ass and bully to his child if she had one with him. She’s better off, he really need’s to cut her a check and move on.

  4. I can understand her not wanting to leave the beautiful house she spent all her time and his money decorating. Why should she walk away with nothing.. He knew what he was getting when he married her. He’s a jerk and she can do better. Stand your ground Porsha, that house is big enough for him find another room to scratch his balls in.


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