Porsha Stewart Hosts Grand Re-Opening of Bhindi Jewellers

NickPorshaAshwinNick the Jeweller and his family owners of 5 Bhindi’s all came together for this lavish Grand Re-Opening of their N. Decatur showroom. Porsha D Stewart, grandbaby of Hosea Williams, civil rights activist and founder of Hosea Feed The Hungry Foundation, Real Housewife of Atlanta and wife of CBS Sports Radio/Former NFL Cordell Stewart. Man! That’s a lot of attachments to greatness Porsha. After last night it looks like Porsha attached herself to more greatest by joining the Bhindi Family of Gemologist Graduates and a long history of jewellers in their family; which has helped the new generation Bhindi’s maintain the family business. She also attached herself to that Fisker Karma parked out front. Watch out Cordell! Hold on to your credit cards and checkbook.


Porsha looks nice standing next to the first Hybrid/Gas Luxury Vehicle..38.00 bucks to fill up…
Nick-Dee-Porsha-Ashwin-uncleNick Bhindi, Demetria McKinney, Porsha Stewart, Ashwin Stewart, Mr Bhindi 

AKimaDayLife Coach Akima Day

Ashwin-BobW Bob Whitfield and Ashwin Bhindi- Gemolist

nicktheJeweller-deeNick the Jeweller and Demetria McKinney

NickTravisPorterDeeNick the Jeweller , Travis Porter and Demetria McKinney

BhindiJewelsBhindi Jewellers Model – Check out her neck piece

BhindiJewelers-modelNow Check Out The Neckpiece on Porsha Stewart

porshaNick-neckpieceNow Check out Momma Dee in the Neck Piece

MommaDee-BhindiJewelsThe Queen Must Have Her Jewels and her Jeweler

MommaDee-NickGorgeous QUEEN Just Gorgeous! Holla at Momma Dee New BFF @Nickthejeweller on Instagram
TravisPorter-Celeste Travis Porter and “Celeste Alexander” Interior Designs

ashwinMomBeautiful Designs

Breitling-dee-ashwinDemetria McKinney says “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – Especially when draped with Rubies…

MommaDee-DeeDeeMomma Dee and Demetria McKinney (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne)

Porsha-JamesPorsha Stewart and Cofer Entertainment Group CEO “James Cofer Jr.” 
Drexina-Minista-PorshaDrexina Nelson, Minista Jazz, Porsha Stewart
Porsha loves the jewelery! AkimaD-BobWhitfield-deeBob Whitfield, Akima Day and Demetria McKinney

MommaDee-BobWNew Boo Alert!???? Nice Photogenic Couple “if they ever decided to date”

Atmosphere-BhindiEveryone had a fantastic time…

greygoose-tableI wonder if this table had anything to do with all the smiles



And now it’s time for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

bhindi-RibbonCuttingSpecial Thanks to all our sponsors “Cherry Noir” GreyGoose Cocktails, Greg Dudevoir GM of Fisker Karma, Cadillac Escalade Transportation Services, La Belle Vie “Boutique Concierge Service”, Nick, Jay and Ashwin Bhindi, Celebrity guests for coming out and Bhindi Jewellers for the Beautiful Lavish Location in Decatur, GA …Goodnight

Nick-FiskerKarmaGoodnight everyone and thanks for coming out ….Gotta love this new technology lifestyle. But you are going to need the jewelry and the watch and the bling bling to keep the girl!



5 responses to “Porsha Stewart Hosts Grand Re-Opening of Bhindi Jewellers”

  1. Queen says:

    Is it just me or does Momma Dee look a lil cross eyed in her pic with Bob Whitfield?

  2. NasyBoi says:


  3. With Kandi’s biological clock ticking and buzzing louder than one of her 12″ rubber nasties, she and Todd had decided to move in together and kinda sorta think about having a family…maybe. They were ridiculously in love and it was nice to see after the rough year or two that she had gone through, and I was happy that she was in a position to pay cash for a new home.

  4. vision says:

    That first pic of porsha looks like she has an ashy crusty left knee cap lol

  5. lola jai says:

    I love porsha when she come out this bitch is flawless even in hd she has the best body out of all the women in rhoa . kenya had the nerve to talk greasy about her wedge sneakers kenya boo bo thats what in style ( why the fuck bravo dont show reruns of rhoa during the week and they show all the real house wife even the ones from past season !!!!!!!!!! that are all white based all the time and rhoa is the only one tha tis not available on demand and they only show it on sunday b4 the new episode come on !!!!)

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