Porsha Stewart’s Husband Kordell Back With His Babymama + Was Porsha An Evangelist?



It seems like Kordell is moving along just fine. Close sources say that Kordell was spotted at church this past Sunday with his babymama Tania Richardson. The drama doesn’t end there either. Apparently, his babymama was supposed to be one of the original Real Housewives of Atlanta but she didn’t do it because of Kordell.  Plus, it was recently leaked that Porsha may have be an evangelist at one point in time. Get more details on this inside.

Maybe the rumors are true that Kordell doesn’t like the fact that Porsha has a career. Sources also saw the two at a Dave & Buster’s together on Sunday just hours before he filed for divorce. Perhaps he felt that he needed to be back with his Tania since she didn’t take the opportunity to be on RHOA.

Interestingly enough, Tania Richardson is also Sherri Whitfield’s best friend. Another housewife who got a divorce.  Porsha hasn’t been taking this news well but she’s making the best out of it. We’re rooting for you Porsha.

We know how in tune Porsha is with the Lord. Here’s some videos of her preaching.

Drastically different person from the one we see on the RHOA right? What are your thoughts on this? Is Kordell wrong for wanting a divorce from his wife who is nothing like she used to be?





  1. Kordell is just trying to hide the fact that he is a gay man ..so he married a submissive wife who is no longer submissive.that means she had to go

  2. Portia –I think you are a wonderful ,beautiful young woman Do not allow Kordell to sidetrack you .you are quite right —stay in your marital home and ensure that you get everything that is yours.Men like kordell do not deserve good classy decent women .know that God will deal with that man .


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