#PositivePost: 8-year-old Atlanta Native Lariah Alexandria Encourages All To Dream BIG!

Photographer: Olesja Mueller

Have you ever wanted to follow that dream wayyyy in the back of your mind that you’ve just been itching to chase? Well, we know someone who at this very moment is living her dreams at the tender age of 8 years old!

Photographer: Duane Boyd

Meet Lariah Alexandria, a native of Atlanta, Georgia! Lariah is an actress, model, and now a self-published author! When she was just 3 years old, Lariah performed in her very first ballet and tap dance recital. After her class’ performance, the crowd clapped and cheered. “When the curtains closed,” her momager Tremeka Sanders says, “Lariah just stood there waiting for the curtains to open again saying ‘thank you, thank you!’ as if the crowd were only clapping for her!” Sanders said she was on one side of the stage and her teacher was on the other side closest to Lariah. “She [her teacher] had to go pick Lariah up and carry her offstage so the next class could get in their places to perform!”

Afterwards, Lariah expressed her desire to become an actress and the rest, as they say, is history! She was signed to J Pervis Talent Agency at age 4 and has appeared on TVOne’s “Fatal Attraction” as well as in a recent short film called “Give Us Free” produced by NFL legend Julius Peppers. Her modeling credits include numerous features in children’s magazines, commercials, and as one of the featured models in Publix’s first Black History Month campaign!

Photographer: Antoine Duane Jones

Now, Lariah has added “author” to her many talents! After a surprise up-close interaction with Bishop T.D. Jakes, she decided to write a book that reminds us all that you are never too young or old to follow your dreams! She wrote this book even after the unfortunate passing of her great-grandfather, Idus Sanders, Sr., whom she affectionately called “Granddaddy.” She told her mother and aunt that she wanted to honor her Granddaddy’s memory since she did not get the chance to share the project with him. Through the pain of her first major loss, she worked very hard and birthed “Lariah’s BIG Dreams!”

We salute Lariah’s determination and are proud to feature her as a positive inspiration to both young and old! Lariah’s dedication and her amazing support system shows that you can achieve your wildest dreams no matter what anyone says or thinks! Make sure you grab your copy today of “Lariah’s BIG Dreams” on her website! Also, for continued inspiration, follow her dream-chasing journey on Instagram at @lariahalexandria and her brand new blog @accordingtolariah!


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