Pregnant Mariah Carey Attends Nick’s 30th Birthday



The one and only Mariah Carey celebrated her husband Nick Cannon’s 30th birthday in New York City last evening. I don’t know why I thought Nick was older than that but maybe I’m just getting old. The Nick celebrated with close friends including Chilli and BET’s Stephen Hill at Lavo night club. Do yall think she’s pregnant?


  1. If she is pregnant her ass do not need to be wearng heals don’t the doctor tell younot to do that for safety reasons Fu*k trying to look cute if u wanna save that baby don’t do anything to hurt yourself

  2. Ok Loving the glow on mariah she looks radiant and pregnancy does provided that extra sparkle now for exhibit A notice the Tittays can we say HUGE now u know Mariah didnt manufacture those all of sudden Exhibit B The Belly hump No your eyes are not deceiving You thats a BAMBINO in there and Exhibit C Notice Nick covering her up in majority of the pic’s by her request im sure and last but not least Exhibit D her Thihgs are huge and Mariah is a very vain person when it comes to her look of course as most of us women are but she kinda takes it the extreme just like Beyonce doesnt want to ruin that figure just to produce a human being for her legacy to live on! Go figure


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