President Obama Finds the Washington Redskins Name Offensive



President Obama is offended by the Washington Redskins’s name.

Check it out below.

As if the NFC Football team Washington Redskins don’t have enough to sob in the locker room about already with their thus far stats of 1-3. Now controversy erupts AGAIN around the team’s name. It’s appearing to many as offensive to Native Americans.

Yeah Yeah, you say as reading this, or maybe you’re like me, wondering why so abruptly? I mean the ‘redskins’ have been around since ‘pumpkin seeds’. Oops! (which were wrapped in a Native American package). I honestly feel that there was no pun intended upon the nickname thrown to Washington’s football team. AsĀ  President Obama has similar feelings he voiced “I don’t think Washington Football fans are purposely trying to offend American Indians” he told The Associated Press. “Although team names like the Redskins offend a sizable group of people”.

POTUS also went on to say that if he owned the team that he would THINK about changing the name. Well if you look up the term ‘redskins’ in a dictionary your met with it being a SLANG noun often disparaging and OFFENSIVE. Most of us can admit that the majority of the time slang is used it can come across offensive to some. Well at least this story made it to television because their games don’t. Hang in there Washington “Dead”skins.


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