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President OBama Launches New Initiatives Aimed At Black And Hispanic Men!

Barack Obama

For all the minorities, particularly black men, who feel President Obama didn’t do anything for them so far in his term as President can breathe a sigh of relief.

President Barack Obama on Thursday launched a new initiative to provide greater opportunities for young black and Hispanic men, a headfirst dive into racial economic disparities for a President who has often avoided the issue.

Per Time:

Through what’s being called the My Brother’s Keeper initiative, the White House is partnering with businesses, nonprofits and foundations to address disparities in education, criminal justice and employment.

“By almost every measure, the group that is facing some of the most severe challenges in the 21st century, in this country, are boys and young men of color,” said the President.

Groups have invested $150 million in the program, according to the White House, and have pledged to invest another $200 million over the next five years. Obama signed an order on Thursday to establish the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, which will determine best practices both inside and outside government to address the challenges faced by young minority men.

This decision is historic to say the least. An American President who understand the challenges young minority men face and is actively trying to change that landscape is incredible.

White House officials said the latest initiative was motivated by data showing that young minorities face steep challenges, regardless of their economic background. Just 14% of black boys and 18% of Hispanic boys perform at or above proficiency on fourth-grade reading exams, compared with 42% of white boys. In 2010, black students were four times more likely, and Hispanic students were twice as likely to be suspended than their white peers.

“The bottom line is there is an empirical reason to focus deliberate attention on Hispanic and African-American boys,” Cecilia Muñoz, the White House director of domestic policy, told reporters in a conference call.

What do you think about this? I think its wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

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