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PRESS PLAY: Power of Relationships Video Recommendation by Deb Atney

I am big on Energy. If your energy is off, I can’t flow with you. Life is about building and facilitating relationships. My auntie Deb Atney shared a dope video on the power of Relationships by a man by the name of Charles Silk Dunn.

If you want to glean a little insight check out this video after the break.

Everyone have their own type of energy. Sometimes I am told that my energy is overwhelming and powerful. I am all about feeling the energy of the people around me.

Life is all about relationships and the only way you can win is to understand and maximize your friendships, partnerships, and collaborations. You must develop relationship skills to facilitate your interactions with others. I am all about sharing insight and helping my peeps grow. If you are on my website I care about your well-being and wish you nothing but happiness and success. I invite you to check out this 12 minute video about the power of relationships and how energy plays a role in it.

I gained a lot from it and hope you do too!

Check it out below:

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