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Quentin Miller Says He Was Attacked By Meek Mill’s Team During Drake Beef!

Rap has long been the one of the only forms where violence can come from the lyrics. With the genre being very individualist in nature, it creates a lot of competition. When Drake and Meek Mill went through their fight last summer, it made Quentin Miller an overnight celebrity. 

Miller was reveled by Meek to be the ghostwriter for Drake, a move that would be the catalyst for Meek and Drake’s beef. While it appeared to stay all on record, Quentin Miller says he was punched by one of Meek’s people in an interview with VladTV.

Miller says, “This was really my first time really talking with Meek…Basically, he told me he ain’t appreciate the letter that I dropped and it made him seem like he was a liar or whatnot…They kinda left. Then one of his mans came back with his phone out like, ‘Yo, I need you to go on camera saying you apologize to Meek Mill and everything you said is a lie,'”…I was like, ‘Naw, man, I’m not doing that shit.’ Mid-conversation, mid-me saying that, just pow, took off on me.”

Miller also admits he did not understand the motive as he is not a street dude and that he was confused why he did not confront Drake. Who Miller said was recording What A Time To Be Alive with Future in Atlanta.

You can watch the entire interview below.


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