R Kelly’s legal hotline is blinging


R Kelly is going through overwhelming legal troubles over sexual misconduct. In fact, a hotline was set-up for victims to report R Kelly’s sexual crimes. Sources say, that R Kelly’s hotline is blinging.

Reports from TMZ say a hotline was set-up by Kim Foxx earlier this year for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. The purpose was to allow alleged Kelly victims to report their claims. Sources say the hotline has turned into “Pretty Ricky’s Hotline,” because individuals are calling to report sleazy sexual experiences with the singer.

Women are calling bragging about sex with R Kelly and giving thorough details of their romantic experiences. Sources say dudes are calling to tell stories about women they know R Kelly slept with.
The stories seem to be purely erotic and not beneficial to building a case against Kelly. Despite these adventurous nights, are Kelly is still considered a criminal in the eyes of the law.

R Kelly patiently awaits trial for 10 counts of sexual abuse. These allegations spurred from reports of R Kelly having sex with minors. Also, R Kelly has been dealing with child support that he reportedly paid to avoid jail time.


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