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Rapper Pastor Troy Releases Video Tribute to Ms. Minne of “Little Women of Atlanta”


There’s been much speculation about the relationship between Rapper Pastor Troy and Reality TV Star Ms. Minnie a star of the highly enjoyable “Little Women of Atlanta. The last episode Ms. Minnie came clean about her relationship with Pastor Troy. Pastor Troy in returned released a music video on Instagram stating he missed the little lady.

It’s all so confusing and entertaining at the same damn time.

Check out the details below.

News have been a buzz about the relationship between Pastor Troy and Ms. Minnie. The reality star shared with much candor and emphasis the relationship she had with Pastor Troy. With all this talk about relationships and a pregnancy Pastor Troy has been quiet up until now. On the latest episode of “Little Women of Atlanta” Ms. Minnie confessed to her cast mates and the world that she was claiming a relationship with Troy but the two are just friends. She did not acknowledge the pregnancy so that’s still up in the air. What’s surprising is Pastor Troy’s reaction!

The rapper took to Instagram with a song professing that he miss Ms. Minnie.

Ms. Minnie has been sharing photos of the two hugged up.


We really don’t know what the hell is going on but we hope that the couple are happy.

What do you think?

Photos via: Instagram

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